About us

It's not About Us.
It's about You.

And how we as a collective treat each other. We call this The Social Grace – the lost art of real hospitality, of genuine kindness and empathy, and the ability to connect with someone through large and small gestures of care. We are like you – passionate citizens looking for something different, pushing beyond the status quo of work, life, and relationships. We happen to be hoteliers, creatives, artists, developers, Excel nerds, coffee snobs, and fundamentally hospitality-centered individuals with decades of experience to understand what’s not great in our space, and to imagine what could be. 

The Story Behind The Name

In 2021, we bought a 15-room property in Palm Springs that had been destroyed by the Valentine’s Day flood of 2019. It was down to the studs, and sat in disrepair for over 2 years. Where others saw an abandoned building fraught with liability, we saw an opportunity to restore a historic building into an exclusive private boutique hotel designed from scratch in an amazing location. This hotel was called The Green Door. 

We were inspired by the meaning of green door, used frequently as a metaphor for something hidden or unknown, while also signifying traditional values and being a pillar of the community. It spoke to us about the sense of discovery, and the importance of connectivity with others, with nature, and ultimately with self. This desire for connection moves us to create projects that will inspire our own community, and we look forward to you becoming a part of that. 

Our Principals have over 65 years of combined experience in the investment, development, and management of hotels and restaurants. We create value by understanding people, and approach each project with a unique perspective and a long-term vision to improve not only the underlying land, but the people and community with whom we interact.

If you would like to learn more, please reach out and we would be happy to talk. Hopefully soon over a perfectly pulled WDT espresso than through a computer screen.